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The Communication Function Classification System (CFCS, us) provides 5 levels (CFCS I, II, III, IV, V) to describe everyday communication performance. B., Chester, K., Johnson, B., Michalsen, L., Evatt, M., & Taylor, K. While originally developed for use with individuals with cerebral palsy, the CFCS is now being used to describe communication performance of individuals with any disability. The CFCS provides a valid and reliable classification of communication performance and activity limitations that can be used for research and clinical purposes. His main aim was to understand how a group of individuals came up with excellent decisions one time and totally messed up ones at other times.

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Many other managers go to the other extreme and avoid confronting problems entirely.

Being there to listen and at same time being able to acknowledge that you hear what they are saying or helping to validate their emotions can prove to be very valuable to the person with whom you are speaking.

To accomplish this only takes some patience and understanding on your part. • Let me give that back to you so we can make sure I got it. It is about allowing the other person to just be heard.

When coaching or counseling an employee who has a negative attitude, a personality conflict with a coworker or hasn't performed up to expectations, the principles of constructive communication are particularly important.

On these occasions, the risk of putting the employee on the defensive is very high.

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