Dating contracts

The tips immediately below apply to all types of dating services.Tips specific to online or location-based services are listed later.Commercially it is useful to have matters set out in writing so that there is certainty as to the existence of an arrangement and as to what the terms are.Setting out in writing what is agreed prevents disputes as to what the terms of the agreement were – although there may be disputes on how those terms are to be interpreted!In order to register for an online dating service, consumers are often asked to provide exhaustive personal information.How this information will be handled varies widely between companies.In any event, it is an inferior way of dealing with the true legal state of affairs.The need to document transactions is partly based on commercial necessity, and partly on legal necessity.

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Dating businesses -- particularly online dating services -- have become popular and profitable in recent years, and consumers should be aware of unwanted companions that may accompany their subscriptions.

In the commercial world there is often a desire for documents to take effect before the date on which they are ultimately signed.

Typically this is where parties have reached an agreement and must wait while their solicitors properly document that agreement.

The legal necessity for documentation applies only to certain types of transactions.

The types of transactions that must be in writing are based on legislation that traces back to the Statute of Frauds (1677) UK.

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