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The colors used on these bags were vibrant and attractive, and many of the frames that held them were more elaborate than those of their competitors.

It wasn’t unusual to find Mandalian bags incorporating intricate filigree frames or lavishly embellished frames with faux gemstones, and their original prices were steep, too.

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Whiting & Davis has been known for its high quality and striking handbags since the 1890s.

In fact, many were made by local women in “sewing circle” fashion who worked linking about 1,000 rings a day - a slow and laborious process, and one that Whiting found to be unreliable. Mesh for handbags could then be produced at the rate of 400,000 links a day, and in varying sizes, which grew the company’s production capacity significantly, according to Company growth during this period was so rapid that a branch was opened in Canada, and offices were also maintained in New York, New York and Chicago, Illinois.

By 1926 when a new factory was built, “Whiting & Davis was considered the world’s largest manufacturing house of its kind,” the company’s website touted.

Their patented metal mesh has been supplied to the very best of the fashion industry and has been spotted on the runway in dresses, gloves, and shoes. Whiting went to work for a chain manufacturing company owned by Edward P. By 1907 Whiting was a partner in the business, and the company was making chain mesh bags from silver, gold and gun metal.

In 1912, a process for machine made mesh was developed and Whiting and Davis purchased the patent.

Sowohl für die Registrierung als auch zum Einloggen können Google- und Facebook-Konten verwendet werden.Production of metal mesh halted during WWII to assist with the war effort.Keep this in mind when attempting to precisely date Whiting & Davis handbags.This process cut the cost of a bag dramatically, so that mesh bags were available to the mass market.By the 1920s, the bags were being decorated with enamel.

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