Nicaragua live cam

If you look around, you have no more than five places to stay, but most of them are named after Maderas Beach.Most of the businesses here belong to expats, so it’s really interesting to see all the different personas, each of their different vibes and approaches, and how they come together through a very basic principle: enjoying the simple and slow life on your own terms.Other people really enjoy the rush of adrenaline – they only go on low tide in order to get barreled and have a faster wave.

I consider both Juan and Marcos to be good friends now after only knowing them for 8 days.Although the majority of the population is extremely impoverished, the locals that we spent time with seemed to live in a bubble of content.Everyone is smiling, happy, and in the small town of Puerto Sandino, there was a tremendous sense of community and well being.Before you read the daily log of Robert Cisneros below, I just want to throw in my 2 cents about the Nicaraguan/AST experience as a whole.The native people: The “Nicas” that we intermingled with on the trip were very down to earth and accepted us into their community with open arms.

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