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The island has always been regarded as a luxurious, upmarket destination that attracts the rich and famous seeking an unspoilt paradise.

Mauritius is recognised as one of the top 10 exclusive destinations in the world, and a simple peek at one image of the island’s lush beaches will show you exactly why!

A lush green centre of vast sugar cane plantations, a golden ring of sandy shores, a bejewelled band of coral reefs amidst a halo of azure waters.

A rainbow of colour, a tropical paradise - Mauritius.

Lying 2400 kms off the coast of Africa, Mauritius is a dinky 42 miles long and 29 miles wide.

One of the most popular destinations on the island is Grand Bay.So, when the war for civilisation kicks off, this would be an obvious venue to erect the goalposts.Yet locals rub along fairly chirpily, or at least without blowing each other up. Mauritians learned long ago to accommodate awkward guests: the island groans with statues of Portuguese explorers, French colonialists, English kings, even a plantation owner who defended slavery. Well, your first shock is that it's a very, very long way: 12 hours, three more than to the Caribbean, and all to toast on a sun lounger. Picture a few hundred Brits staggering from the plane, suddenly sporting that slightly suspect Hawaiian beach look – into a drizzle they might, more conveniently, have discovered in Tunbridge Wells.All in all Mauritius, with its diverse activities and colourful history and culture is the ideal destination for both honeymooners and couples as well as families and friends. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content.

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