Dating holiday gifts

The faces of hunger will surprise you; those we serve may be in a crisis situation due to medical cost, poor health, job loss, disability, mental health issues, abandonment by a spouse or partner, abusive situations, delinquency of child support payments, seniors living on fixed incomes, low income wages, and the newly unemployed. We are collecting new backpacks and schools supplies for our local students in need.

We are collecting these items from NOW - August 11th.

Mission: To provide food and emergency services to residents in our service area and to educate, empower and engage our community in solving issues of hunger and nutrition.

Vision: Building a healthy community free of hunger.

There's no greater gift during the holidays than knowing your significant other loves you — unless, of course, he or she buys you something you love.

That may be cliche, but it's a good lesson for when it's your turn to do the gift-giving.

Of course, I've gotten really sweet, thoughtful gifts before, but there were a lot of times where a guy would say, "we'll go out to a really nice dinner," and then it never happened.

I've even been blown off on my birthday before by a boyfriend (the one person that is basically guaranteed to hang out with you).

Please see our School Supply List Flyer for the items we are in need of and drop off sites.

Boost nutrition for neighbors in need this growing season.- Grow produce to donate- Donate garden seeds or garden starts- Shop for fresh fruits & vegetables to donate- Help a neighbor harvest to donate.

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