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“I’ve always had sort of an interest in American history, full stop, and especially people who contributed to the civil rights struggle,” Negga shared. “The energy and the space between them is so potent and vibrant and lovely and just tender and shy.

“I came across an article about Peggy, Mildred’s daughter. It’s lovely to see that sort of joyful innocence really, isn’t it, sometimes?

While many Americans are at least aware of the existence of the landmark Loving v.

Virginia case, few know the details – how the Lovings were ambushed and raided after their 1958 marriage, charged with a slew of crimes, forced to leave their home state rather than face jail time and how it took nearly a decade for their case to lead to the kind of change that changed the laws forever – and while Nichols packs all of those aspects into his film, he also relies on the unshakable love between the pair.

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Nichols’ film eschews the standard high-drama biographical movie formula, instead focusing on the more intimate aspects of the love story that would go on to change the face of marriage in America.

Edgerton’s joked about his status in the Hollywood food chain before: “That’s why they pay us the medium bucks.” Right now, he’s at a crossroads – the kid who grew up working class in Western Sydney poised to become a bankable leading man after a decade spent stealing every scene he’s in.

If he’s basically unrecognisable in , hidden behind tobacco-stained teeth and Eminem’s ’90s bleached cut, the Oscar Industrial Complex will assure his rugged face is everywhere.

Stellar performances already have him circling the Hollywood elite.

Now, Joel Edgerton is ready for the final push - and a first oscar, writes Mickey Rapkin. And three years ago, it meant just 36 hours on the ground – one red carpet appearance, one press conference, a wave to the crowd, gone.

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