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This study is part of a special series of articles on teen dating violence guest edited by Lohman for the April issue of the .It is one of the first studies to examine patterns of violence over three decades to see how children exposed to psychological violence and family stress were affected in relationships later in life.Students and faculty in the program use a wide variety of quantitative methods and qualitative methods, including lab and field experiments, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and archival research.The program encourages contextualized and interdisciplinary research, novel theoretical work, and methodological integration. Johanna Ray Vollhardt, head of the Social Psychology program.

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The authors describe a variety of efforts to treat both offenders and victims highlighting both their vital importance and their insufficiency in preventing violence. "Evaluation of an information-processing model following sexual assault." Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy 3(4): 421-429.Researchers relied on data from the Iowa Youth and Family Project, a 24-year project assessing families in rural Iowa, as well as video recordings of families and couples having a discussion or completing assigned problem-solving tasks.Researchers found family stress, both emotional and financial, during adolescence is another predictor of intimate partner violence, but only when people are in their late 20s or early 30s, not during the teen years.This program focuses on basic social psychological processes that underlie pressing social and political issues - locally, nationally, and globally.At Clark, this includes primarily the study of intergroup relations, societal peace and conflict, violence, health disparities, and commitment to social change, including political action and intervention.

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