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(Second Life, 2009) Occasionally virtual worlds are used for playing but generally they can be distinguished from online games with few characteristic principles.Virtual worlds represent users as avatars – in contrary to games, where user plays with a fixed character.(Second Life, 2009; Dannerberg, 2010.) Virtual places might have real life counterparts such as Virtual Ibiza or they might be fictive like World of Warcraft.

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Which makes it all sound so much grander than it really was. A normal day during the holidays would start with dialing in to the University SLIP (this was just before we got Dial-up) and using Telnet to check my email in Pine.Recover from your adventures in the crowded harbour town of Moonglow, share your stories about mythical monsters, hidden cities and relate rumors about werewolves and vampires.Socialise in the famous orders and take over responsibilities as a venerable judge or even lord.The MUD Realm of Magic is a free online text based fantasy role playing game.Enter the free role playing game 'Realm of Magic' and discover the Magic and Mysteries that a Multi User Dungeon holds for you.

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