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Amy Liang finally tracks Chen Jiandong down in South Africa but, as with Derek Lee in London, he’s non-committal.

Amy Liang next chases a white knight but the move is stymied by Derek Lee.

Unfortunately, there are still a number of obstacles in her way, read more Movie, in short, about women balancing romance and career.

This movie has a lot of pros, including the professionalism seen here, people actually dedicating their life and time to work.

Suspecting he has a mole on her team, she discovers who it is and plants false information.

Realising he’s been outsmarted, Derek Lee has a frank talk with Amy Liang but they end up quarreling again, despite their residual feelings for each other.

I do wonder sometimes, the things we see them wear at work wouldn't be permissible where I live, so is it alright in china, or is it just for the sake of appearing all glowy in the movie? I just felt that the movie was missing something, as if I was just watching people going on with their lives without really being invested or caring. There is one thing that I felt removed the realism of the movie, which is that "company rule" that is obviously meant to be broken.She, however, still can't forgive him, and Wang Yang also has to deal with the persistent Nianhua, whom Weiwei has put on a "trial period" as a potential husband.Review Director SUN Zhou and a terrific lead trio keep the China rom-com bar high with I Do, which manages to come up with a fresh twist on male-female relationships in aspirational, urban-yuppie New China.Pragmatically deciding it is time to find a husband, her best friend Jin Xiaoling (Xu Jianing) arranges some blind dates, all of which turn out to be useless.However, during one group blind date she meets Yang Nianhua (Sun Honglei), a divorced, former owner of a publishing company, who gradually insinuates himself into becoming her confidant and friend.

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